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Clinic News
After almost 2 years of marriage Dr.Girard has officially changed her name to Dr. Jen Clements. 
With our tough winter behind us it is time to welcome the bugs.
Acupuncture is now available for your pets. 

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Chiropractic treatment helps to get your pet's back moving as normally as possible. A healthy spine allows your pet to run, walk, jump and lie down comfortably.

Signs of a Poor Range of Spinal Movement:

  1. lameness
  2. difficulty jumping up or down
  3. difficulty with stairs
  4. stiffness after exercise
  5. difficulty getting up or lying down
  6. areas of pain leading to changes in behaviour.


The majority of pets show a good response to chiropractic care within 3 to 6 visits, making this therapy an attractive cost-effective option for many common veterinary movement problems.