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3 weeks ago, Jul 14 at 1:23pm
Each year the OHS takes hundreds of calls about dogs left in vehicles on hot summer days. When the thermometer soars, a parked car can quickly become a furnace, endangering an animal’s life, and making the owner liable to criminal charges. When is it too hot?
Feb 05

Yes! Pets, like people, need regular dental care.

Studies have shown that greater than 85% of dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some form of dental and/or gum disease. Imagine not brushing your teeth or having them cleaned for 3 years!
Dec 08
December 24 - open until 12noon
December 25 and 26 - CLOSED
December 27 - normal business hours
December 29 and 30 - normal business hours
December 31 - open until 12noon
January 1 - CLOSED
January 2 and beyond - normal business hours

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Holistic Animal Care

Early in 1997 Dr. Beltran started providing a holistic approach to a certain number of patients with cancer. He studied extensively in the United States and developed a veterinary approach to cancer treatments using bacterial extracts, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and vitamin therapy. Although Dr. Beltran used the alternative therapies originally for cancer treatments, the approach and therapies are now applied to a number of pets with different symptoms, disease states as well as healthy animals. The public demand for holistic medicine is growing and Blair Animal Hospital is proud to provide our clients with this service.

What we offer our clients

We currently have the ability to offer our clients homotoxicology, classical homeopathic, isopathic therapies, live blood cell analysis, diagnostic services, internal medicine and surgery, along with referrals to other specialists. The demand for effective long term treatments for both simple and complex conditions is growing on a daily basis. We believe in providing a treatment plan that does not subject the affected pet to further organ damage. This approach also serves to provide the body with a self regulating effect, without overtaxing the physical systems. Our remedies provide a means of regulating the impaired systems while slowly reinstating full function.