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Giving Back


Our initiative to raise donations for the Northern Dogs Project has come to a close and we are pleased to announce that it was a GREAT success.  Collectively we raised over 1600 vaccines, which will be used in remote Canadian communities this 2012!

For each person that "likes” or "follows” us on Facebook or Twitter, we will donate one vaccine to the International Fund for Animal Welfare's (IFAW) Northern Dogs Project, enabling vital medicine and veterinary care to reach remote Canadian communities that would otherwise have none.


 The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Northern Dogs Project provides veterinary care, education, and ongoing support to remote Canadian communities. Without IFAW’s help, dogs in these communities are left to brave the elements, scavenge for food and suffer silently from cuts and coughs, wounds and sores, sickness and preventable diseases – all that can kill.

To help the International Fund for Animal Welfare Northern Dogs Project receive the full 1500 vaccines, use this list of Ontario Veterinary Group clinics to "like” and "follow”:

Twitter: @BlairAnimalHosp
Facebook: Blair Animal Hospital

Kanata Animal Hospital
Twitter: @KanataHospital
Facebook: Kanata Animal Hospital

MacKay Animal Clinic                                                                                           Twitter: @MacKayClinic
Facebook: MacKay Animal Clinic

Mt. Pleasant-Davisville Veterinary Hospital
Twitter: @MtPDVetHospital
Facebook: Mt.Pleasant-Davisville Veterinary Hospital

Rosedale Animal Hospital
Twitter: @RosedaleAnimal
Facebook: Rosedale Animal Hospital

Twitter: @SecordHospital
Facebook: Secord Animal Hospital