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3 weeks ago, Jul 14 at 11:57am
Each year the OHS takes hundreds of calls about dogs left in vehicles on hot summer days. When the thermometer soars, a parked car can quickly become a furnace, endangering an animal’s life, and making the owner liable to criminal charges. When is it too hot? 
When a heat advisory is issued, it applies to animals as well. Even on a relatively mild day, temperatures in parked cars can become dangerous in a matter of minutes. Opening or lowering the windows does little or nothing to slow this process. With only hot air to breathe, a dog’s normal cooling process – panting – doesn’t work. A dog can withstand internal body temperatures of 40°C for only a few minutes before brain damage or death can occur. The older or more vulnerable the animal, the more susceptible they are to heatstroke or something worse. 
May 11
Dr. Julie Nielsen has recently relocated to the Ottawa region with her partner and cat Harvey. she is  excited to work with the team at Kanata Animal Hospital and meet new clients and their beloved pets. Her passion is practicing high quality medicine with excellent client communication, and helping to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners.
Feb 05

Yes! Pets, like people, need regular dental care.

Studies have shown that greater than 85% of dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some form of dental and/or gum disease. Imagine not brushing your teeth or having them cleaned for 3 years!

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