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May 01 | 0 comments
If so, they are not alone! Many cats and their owners find going to the veterinary clinic stressful.  The mere sight of a carrier is enough to send most cats running to hide in the most hard to reach area of your home.  While there are some strategies that would make taking your cat to the clinic easier, perhaps the most stress-free way to get veterinary care for your cat is to have a veterinarian come to your home.

Oct 29 | 0 comments
If you have a dog or cat that became ill after eating jerky pet treats, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like to hear from you or your veterinarian.

Aug 13 at 12:45pm | 0 comments
It is important to be aware of the most common pet toxins found around the house!

Jul 15 | 0 comments
Help protect your pets from heat stroke this summer! In this Ask the Vet edition Dr. Dell explains a bit about what heat stroke is, signs to look out for, and how to prevent our pets from getting it.

Jul 03 | 0 comments

Jul 03 | 0 comments
It is so much fun to enjoy the wonderful summer weather with your pet, but the summer season is also a time when pets are at the greatest risk of heat-related illness or injury.  Here are some tips on how to keep your pet safe!

May 14 | 0 comments
So many of you were involved in raising donations of vaccines to go towards IFAW's Northern Dogs Project last year and last month was their first trip to Northern Ontario where many of these vaccines were used! 

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Mar 12 | 0 comments

Travel Tips for Pets over March Break (and throughout the year!)

As most pet owners would agree, a pet is so much more than just an animal. Pets are a very important member of the family, and sometimes the most important one, so be careful not to neglect their needs when traveling away from your home.  Whether your home is in Toronto, Whitby, or Ottawa, there is a lot to consider when preparing your family and your pet for travel.

Feb 09 | 0 comments
Keep your pets healthy by looking after their teeth!